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Dad/Son Conquer Series Group Meets

This week, I (Bob) was privileged to meet with ten courageous men - five of the most courageous Dads I've met along with their courageous sons came for the first session of the Conquer Series group. Today my heart is still full from seeing these Dad's and their son's courage in not only coming but also demonstrating to each other how to be conquerors and live lives of integrity. It was awesome! These guys are awesome!

In my prayers this morning, I asked God to continue the impact for the next generations so that when these sons become Dads that they too will pass along to them what their Dads modeled for them. My heart was also touched by the sons willingness to come and recognize the battles that they face as young warriors in this battle for integrity.

Please continue to pray for these five Dads and their sons as they meet four more times. We also invite you to pray for two other Conquer Series groups that are meeting and being led by two other men in the Big Valley region. Pray that all of the guys will experience healing and new strength in the battles they are fighting.

Next week, we hope to send out another email following a Grace Support Group meeting on Tuesday evening. Pray for the last minute details especially for Ethel as she continues to line up people to help with the children.

Thanks again for your prayers as God continues to be on the move in relationships here in Big Valley. May you also sense God's movement in your life as well.

God's Blessings!

Seven Acres Ministry Team

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