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Human status seemed to be of no concern to God the Father when deciding who to invite to witness the arrival of His Son on earth. After hearing the angelic proclamation of Jesus' birth, the shepherds, perhaps with sweat on their brows and animal stench on their clothes, headed to find the infant Christ. On the other end of the social spectrum, the wisemen were summoned by a celestial star to travel with their grand gifts to adore the toddler Christ Child.

Human residence and ancestory seemed to be of no concern, either. The shepherds came from nearby, sharing a similar ethnicity as the newborn King. The wisemen traveled internationally, coming from their distant home and entering another culture as they sought the young King child.

Neither is our human status, residence and ancestory of any concern to God, our Heavenly Father, as He invites us to come and worship, adore, and celebrate the birth of His Son. And as we come, remember that all are welcome. It does not matter who we are.

Reflection Questions

  • Is there something about yourself that you believe makes you unfit to come to worship, adore and celebrate Christ? Perhaps that is the very part of who you are that He wants you to give to Him.

  • Is there someone in your life you think is unworthy of coming to worship, adore and celebrate Christ? Perhaps that is the person Jesus is inviting you to reach out to this Christmas season.

Be touched by the coming of the Christ Child as you remember Him this Christmas.

image: Unsplash

by Ethel Zook, December 2022


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