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Who Am I?

This question is like a door that opens one's heart to possibilities of growth. Recently I read the following words:

“...Jesus taught from the conviction that we human beings are victims of a tragic case of mistaken identity. The person I normally take myself to be—that busy, anxious little “I” so preoccupied with its goals, fears, desires, and issues—is never even remotely the whole of who I am, and to seek the fulfillment of my life at this level means to miss out on the bigger life. This is why, according to Jesus’ teaching, the one who tries to keep his “life” (i.e., the small one) will lose it, and the one who is willing to lose it will find the real thing. Beneath the surface there is a deeper and vastly more authentic Self, but its presence is usually veiled by the clamor of the smaller “I” with its insatiable needs and demands.”

Times of Spiritual Direction are opportunities to sit with Jesus and allow the “True Light” to shine light onto the “authentic Self” or in the words of Genesis “the image of God” that is created within you. Times of Spiritual Direction help in quieting the voice of the “anxious little ‘I’” so that one can hear the still and gentle whisper of God’s Presence.

Henry Nouwen suggested that our attempts to answer the question “Who Am I?” mistakenly cause us to believe in three lies - I am what I have. I am what I do. I am what other people say or think about me. Rather it is in listening to God, that we find the truth that sets our hearts free.

As we listen to God’s answer to the question - “Who Am I?” we are set free from the tyranny of the urgent. We spend so much of our days thinking, planning, and worrying as we answer the question “Who Am I?” that we are led away from the “green pastures and quiet waters” that God our Shepherd is willing to lead us to. Instead we can fully embrace and experience the Shalom of God’s Spirit living within us.

If this is something that your heart desires to experience, there is still an opening in this Spring’s schedule for three one-hour long sessions. More openings are available in the Summer’s schedule.

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