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Two Questions

Last week as I was immersed with the ever changing news as the daily news briefings on the local, state, national and global levels gave a bleaker picture of life, I began to focus on the restrictions being placed on us. Here in PA, K-12 schools were closed on March 13 for two weeks. Since then, businesses were limited and then later we were informed that many businesses will need to close with penalties being given to those who do not. Life as we defined as a normal was taken away from us.

But then a new thought penetrated into the darkness as a bright flash of light. A light that brought hope instead of despair. Instead of focusing on what is being taken away from us, focus on what we are being given.

So here are two questions for you to answer:

1) What has been taken away from you? a job? freedom to travel? A sense of well-being? Joy? Life as you knew it? School? Graduation? Peace? a source of income?

2) What has been given to you? time to be at home? time with family? A slower pace? time to read a book? time to play games as a family? time to read the Bible? time to look at movies? Time to work on projects around the house? Time to be? Time to do nothing, really, nothing?

Perhaps you are the one who life has picked up in pace. You find yourself as a healthcare worker who continually needs to provide care for fearful individuals who are wondering if they are the next number in some Health statistics. If you are the one who is working harder, may you know the strength that God gives you.

If you are the one who is not going to work, may you know the hope and blessing that comes from knowing that God is the source of your help. I invite you to listen to Psalm 146 and focus on the God who is at work. And allow this Psalm to focus your heart on what has been given to you.

Perhaps you have some extra time to meet for spiritual direction. If so, feel free to reach out and set up a time. Shalom!


Times of Spiritual Direction are opportunities to sit with Jesus and allow the “True Light” to shine light onto the “authentic Self” or in the words of Genesis “the image of God” that is created within you. Times of Spiritual Direction help in quieting the voice of the “anxious little ‘I’” so that one can hear the still and gentle whisper of God’s Presence.

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