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Artesian Well Gratitude

What is the basis of your gratitude? Why are you thankful? Sometimes it is easy to list the reasons why one is thankful. Sometimes it is not easy. Sometimes it is easy to be grateful, as gratitude bubbles up like an artesian well. Sometimes, experiencing gratitude is like finding water in a desert.

As people who are loved deeply by God, our experience of gratitude is impacted by God's love. The basis of our gratitude as God's people, is in the character and nature of God. Artesian well gratefulness that we experience in our heart flows from a heart to heart connection with a kind, gracious, faithful, good and merciful God.

As God's people, the first and foremost reason for our gratitude is -- God. God and only God. As we grow closer to God, the heart to heart relationship with God gives us the basis for living a life marked by gratitude.

The other option is to over rely on the circumstances of life or the people around us. Gratitude for tangible blessings is understandable and appropriate. However, if we over rely on tangible or intangible blessings, we might find ourselves in a desert looking for water.

If you find yourself walking in the arid and dry conditions of a desert finding it difficult to tap into God's artesian well of gratitude, I especially invite you to reach out. Sometimes walking with another person is helpful to drink deeply of God's thirst quenching presence within your heart. A deep heart to heart relationship with Heavenly Father, is the artesian well that keeps gratitude flowing into our heart even in the most arid circumstances of life.

Experiencing this kind of gratitude is one of the richest blessings of being part of the Holy Priesthood of believers. Sometimes it is helpful to have a fellow pilgrim to find the artesian well of gratitude that a heart to heart relationship with God provides. If you would like someone, please feel free to reach out to another pilgrim. Blessings.


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