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Being Held

Today in a commute between school and home, I heard someone talking about the importance of parents holding their children. I forget all the reasons given, but my mind and heart agreed with the encouragement of parent-child embrace.

I then started to make a jump and found myself thinking about the importance and significance of God-child embrace, in the context that no one outgrows being a child of God. This is what I like to write about in this blog.

For some children, there comes a time when there is a struggle with accepting and giving a hug from their parents. Thankfully not all children experience this struggle and thankfully the time of struggle does not continue indefinitely. How does this jump to God-child embrace look like? Are there seasons when we struggle with being held by God? It seems like the reasons are different. But one that is common is, I don't have time. or I don't need to be held by God. Life is busy. Life is going along fine. I just don't sense a need to be held by God.

Hmmm... I don't sense a need to be held by God. What's going on in one's heart that causes one to say something like this? If one senses a need to be held by God, one will find time for this to happen. Maybe more on this a bit later.

What does being held by God look like? Is one always being held by God, and one simply does not know it?

I wonder what God's perspective is? Here's a question for God - How are you holding me now? I invite you to journal reflectively on this question, allowing God's Spirit to guide your heart.

As I listened to God's Spirit I recalled the verse of the day - So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10

This is probably not God's only answer to the question - How are you holding me now? - I think that is fair to say. However, it could be one of God's answer. As my heart listens to God's answer, I come to the place that God is holding me all the time, and not only when I sense a need to be held by God. I also hear that as I sense God holding me that fear is not the sole possessor of my heart. And instead my heart gains strength as I sense God holding me as ultimately God is helping me.

God is upholding you. This is true when we sense our need for God to hold us. This is true when we don't sense our need for God to hold us. As a child who from time to time runs to a parent to be held, we run to Abba God to hold us. Being held by Abba God gives us a place of strength. Being held by Abba God is a space of receiving help.


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